Here's what our customers are saying:

"We live in a heavily-wooded area. During high-wind storms, it’s not uncommon for a tree to take out our power or the entire neighborhood’s power. Installing a back-up generator from Better Power really brought us peace of mind. The generator keeps the furnace running the lights on and the fridge in business. Though I used to enjoy “roughing it” burning wood to keep warm and lighting candles to see, these are activities my wife doesn’t enjoy.  She feels better knowing that we have “plan B” in place. How pleasant to work with Better Power."

-- Corwin M. - Home Owner - Brighton, NY

ice storm automatic backup generator

"I decided to purchase a whole house generator after a recent devastating ice storm here in central Tennessee. I had no idea what I needed when I initially contacted Better Power. The sales team was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They knew exactly what questions to ask in order to recommend what size generator I was going to need.  They walked me through the entire process and were quick to respond to my emails. 

Better Power went above and beyond the call of duty with me. As a female in the wake of a devastating storm, I knew that there would be contractors ready to exploit me and my situation. The first quote I received from a generator installer turned out to be extremely high. Sure enough, with help from Better Power, I was able to find a contractor to install the generator for $3,000 less! Thank you Better Power for a job well done!  I will highly recommend your company to all of my friends and family."

-- Lori N. - Home Owner - Crossville, TN

"I wanted to thank you one more time. The wind storm took out the power at my house while I was sitting at home with my  4 month old baby. The lights went out and I panicked. A short moment later I heard the generator kick on in the lights came back on with it. I immediately relaxed knowing all the milk that I had then freezing and storing for the past 4 months was safe and my little girl would be warm. Thank you for helping me make one of the best decisions I could have made!"

-- Tammy T. - Home Owner - Rochester, NY