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Today, backup power is more accessible than ever before. We sell affordable generators that can power your entire business, or smaller, even less expensive models that can backup your most essential circuits in an emergency. We have units that run on readily available natural gas, propane, or even diesel fuel. With low costs and so many options available, there’s no reason for any business to operate unprotected from the dangers and costly effects of a power outage.

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stay open during a power outage with an automatic backup generator

We want to help your business become an OASIS in your community.

With an automatic backup generator from better power, your business will stay powered up while your competition is forced to close their doors.

When your customers realize that you're ready for anything and open for business when they need you the most, they will love you for it. 

Don't just survive the next power outage. Thrive from it!

Here are just a few reasons to buy an automatic backup generator from Better Power:

  • The best pricing. We are one of the country’s largest Generac Wholesalers. Our volume allows us to offer very competitive pricing.

  • Payback potential. A backup generator can pay for itself in just one or two power outages. Think of the revenue that's lost by having to close your doors if the power goes out. If you sell perishable goods, one long power outage can cost your business thousands of dollars. 

  • Loss prevention. Cameras, motion detectors, and fire alarm systems all need electricity to function. With an automatic generator, you can rest easy knowing that your business is protected 24/7 with backup power. 

  • Product support. From beginning to end, we will either work with your electrician or connect you with an installer from our network to make sure that you get the right equipment for your needs.

  • Financial assistance. We can help you secure leasing arrangements to minimize the financial impact.
backup electricity for small business
no power? no problem. backup your business with an automatic standby generator from better power

There are two different approaches when backing up your business:

generac permanent standby automatic backup generator for small business
generac mobile towable backup generator for businesses with multiple locations

Automatic Standby Generators
Designed to be permanently installed at your facility, starting automatically when an outage occurs. This is 24/7 automatic power outage protection. 

Mobile Generators
Designed to be easily moved from one location to another, depending on where the power outage occurs. Mobile power where and when you need it.

small business backup generator equals peace of mind
stay open with an automatic backup generator from better power

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